About the Team

Professional Experts By Your Side

Joseph A. Schneider, Certified Arborist # WE-0156

Joe began his began his arboricultural career in 1977 with John Britton Tree Service, in

St. Helena, California. He co-founded Pacific Tree Care in 1983 and the J. Allan Schneider Corporation in 2002


Jacob I. Schneider, Certified Arborist # WE-5478

Jake was raised to care for trees under the tutelage of Joe and the working arborists of Pacific Tree Care. He began with the family business part-time while in high school  and full time in 1997. Jake took over as Operations Manager in 1999. He achieved his Arborist Certification in 2000. Jake runs the day-to-day operations of the company and the custom milling program

Anthony Bartell, Certified arborist # WE-10412A

A certified Arborist since May 2014, Anthony joined us in November 2011

Omar Grijalva, Certified Arborist # WE-10743A

A certified arborist since May 2015, Omar joined us in December 2007

Mark Hawkins, Certified Arborist #WE 12305A

A Certified Arborist since September 2018, Mark joined us in February 2018

Miguel Vazquez Sr.

Miguel joined us in May 1989


Carlos Vazquez

Carlos joined us in October 1992


Rudy Espinoza

Rudy joined us in June 1995


Mikey Vazquez Jr.

A second generation tree worker, Mikey joined us in March 2001


Hector Garibay

Hector joined us in June 2005

Tim RIchardson

Tim Joined us in October 2007


Ruben Ruiz

Ruben joined us in August 2008


Lee MacPhail

Lee joined us in June 2012


Gabriel Anderson

Gabe joined us in January 2015


Bobby Serini

Bobby joined us in May 2015


Enrique Bedolla

Enrique joined us in August 2015


Will Harding

Will joined us in August 2016

Jose Ortiz-Martinez

Jose joined us in January 2017

Travis Gettmann

Travis Joined us April 2017 

Dominick Dingess 

Dominick Joined us September 2017 

Raul Zavala 

Raul Joined us October 2017 

Luis Ruiz

Luis Joined us September 2014  

Kevin Kyle

Kevin joined us in August 2018

Scott Hermann

Scott joined us in March 2019

Rhiannon Kenney

Rhiannon manages the office and joined us in August 2013


Lauren Hall

Lauren works as our office assistant and joined us in March 2015