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Pacific Tree Care

Excellence in Arboriculture 

Pacific Tree Care was co-founded in 1983 by Joseph A. Schneider. He has been involved in tree care since 1977.

He is a Certified Arborist, by standards established through the Western Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture. 


President of the California Arborists Association in 1996, he also holds active membership with the Tree Care Industry of Association and the International Society of Arboriculture. Locally, he has combined his extensive knowledge of native and urban forests with his belief in civic service by helping found The Calistoga Tree Coalition. 


Throughout his career he has strived for excellence in the field of Arboriculture. He constantly updates his own education and willingly shares what he learns with others. He serves as guest lecturer, teacher, and writer as often as his time allows. 


A Licensed Arborist With Years of Experience

Pacific Tree Care has been serving as a leading Arboricultural company since 1983. As a fully qualified company, we are ready to tackle anything from the most complex and large scale construction projects, to the smallest of private tree concerns. We are fueled by commitment to excellence and go the extra mile to make sure our clients are completely satisfied with our work. Call to schedule an initial consultation today.

When do you need a consultation?


- To understand why a usually healthy tree displays signs of prolonged or immediate decline.

- For legal disputes such as trespass, invasive roots or hazard trees.

- To determine value for insurance settlements.

- Before construction projects to protect trees.

- To satisfy municipal requirements.


A consultation can range from a simple letter to a 200+ page multi-phase Arborist Report, depending upon the needs of the tree, the project, and the client.





Includes thinning, shaping, removing deadwood, or elevating for building or vehicle clearance.


Cable and Bracing

Often time’s trees have structural defects, which require external mechanical supports such cabling, bracing, or post supports.


Custom Milling

 Some clients are sad to see their favorite tree gone, so Pacific Tree Care is proud to offer a new way to let your trees live forever.


Removal & Stump Grinding

Sometimes a tree must be removed such as hazard trees, unhealthy/diseased trees, or extremely invasive trees and root systems.


Root Zone Enhancement 

Including soil aeration and "fluffing", fertilization, and soil inoculations with beneficial microorganisms.

Logger cutting wood with chainsaw

Brush Clearing

We live in an area characterized by rural settings, forested area, grasslands, uneven and rough terrain. We perform fire hazard reduction and fire fuel suppression per California Forestry and Fire Protection (CDF) specifications.

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Professional Affiliations

What Would You Like to Know?

The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) is a worldwide professional organization dedicated to fostering a greater appreciation of trees and to promoting research, technology, and the professional practice of arboriculture.

The Western Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture was formed in 1934. It is a nonprofit corporation comprised of over 3200 persons in Arizona, California, Hawaii and Nevada engaged or interested in the practice of arboriculture.

The Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) is a trade association of 2,300 tree care firms and affiliated companies and was established in 1938 as the National Arborist Association. TCIA develops safety and education programs, standards of tree care practice and management information for tree and landscape firms around the world. We provide continuing education, training, conferences and publications to promote the safe and appropriate practice of tree care. Since 1938, TCIA has been working to elevate the standards of commercial and utility tree care. TCIA supports, promotes and educates our members so that they may be more successful in their activities and the environment in which we live will be significantly improved.

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